Bruce Dawson

MV Communications

Providing Internet connectivity to the residents and businesses of New Hampshire.



Potholes and Rough Roads


Your ``page'' is a service provided to your customers. Like your:



Can follow links and display text.
Can display graphics, tables.
Can do audio, animation.

Prepare your ``page'' for the browser class you want your customers to have. Provide textual references for all links - don't rely on graphics exclusively.

High Volume

When your page takes a lot of ``hits''...

  1. Start small and grow. Get advice from someone who has done it before.
  2. Graphic ‐ intensive pages will require higher bandwidth.
  3. More bandwidth = More $$

Your own server.

  1. If you have frequent updates.
  2. Justified if you have high-interest pages, direct access to internal databases, or an interest in running your own server.
  3. Allow for more controlled growth.
  4. Require a certain amount and type of expertise.

Your Own Server

You'll need:

Common Problems