CodeMeta, Inc.

Vital Statistics

Founding date:
1986, Formerly ``Virgin Software, Ltd.''.


Lists the various personnel resources that the company can draw on.

Products and Services

We offer full support to our customers through the web and an 800 number.

We provide consulting services, for a fee, covering the following areas:
Internet connection consulting.
Linux and Unix software development.
DOS/Windows porting.
Web server development.
Software Development
Our software development team specializes in the development and support of portable applications on the following platforms:
Most Unix/Linux systems.
We develop and present seminars for both public and private audiences. Typically, the handouts for our public seminars, if any, are freely available.
Product Reviews
We review products for trade magazines.
We also evaluate products for fitness to a particular purpose. These results are kept confidential.

Community Involvement

CodeMeta has been actively involved in its host communities since 1990.