Most of CodeMeta's work is contract development and consulting. Hence, we tend to contract out a lot of our work.


CodeMeta's employees are committed to the company for the "long haul". They typically are entrusted with information regarding the company's policies and procedures.
Bruce Dawson
Started 1986. Founder. Technical Director.


CodeMeta typically uses contract employees for short-term or tightly focused work. The contractors we have access to are:
Carole Soule
An expert in project management, training, and production system operations. Note that the resume is in RTF format.
Andre Wood
Training and VMS system administration. Email:
Ben Smith
Writing, networking. An on-line resume is furnished by CodeMeta, Inc.
Christina Stumpf
Computer Imaging
Stuart Carduner
Roger Bannister
UUCP, C programming
Lance Fraser
Systems integrator.

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